Europe Trade is a plant specializing in meat cutting and production of poultry kebab. Through years of experience, the company founders have won respect and trust of their clients in the Western European market. This established position is a result of years spent working on a recipe that would guarantee unique and exeptional taste of our product.

Our motto is to meet expectations of most demanding clients in Poland and Europe. The flavour of our products must bring associations with fire, earth, water and wood, to satisfy most sophisticated tastes. Year 2008 witnessed our first steps on the Polish market. Difficult beginnings connected with administrative and legal obstacles were soon forgotten because of a success - satisfaction of our new clients. We invest in constant development and undeniable, highest quality of the products we offer. Striving for perfection, we continually upgrade our production methods, work on the recipes, improve our staff's qualifications - because "success is a ladder, after which it is impossible to climb up hands in pockets" (Philip Wylie).